All categories are shown in judging order, all submissions have to be in by 3pm and judging will start at 5:00pm

Awards ceremonies will commence at approximately 7:00pm each evening.

Awards will be in the same order apart from Best of Show (as voted by the public) and Best of Show, with Best of Show being awarded to close the convention.


Judged and awarded Saturday

The Duel
Best Small Black and Grey
Best Small Colour
Best Old School / New School
Best Apprentice
Best Blackwork
Best Portrait
Best of Saturday

Judged and awarded Sunday

Best Large Colour
Best Large Black and Grey
Best Female Composition
Best Large Tattoo Piece
Best of Sunday
Best of Show
Best of Show – as voted by the public


Rules of submission:

A) Tattoos done before the Convention can be submitted to ONE category! Apart from the best of day and best of show.

B)  Tattoos done at Tatcon convention can be submitted to ONE category as well as best of the day and best of the show.

C)  We will only accept entries, for any category, from artists/studios that are attending the convention in a working capacity with their own booth. We will not accept entries of any kind from artists not attending the convention.

D)  While submitting your entry you must complete and return the registration form, (before time stated on the form,) supplied on the day. You will receive a number, and only that number will be announced to the judging panel, and to the public.

E)  When submitting your entry you should show the tattoo or its picture to the person who’s in charge of submissions to verify it. This person has the right to deny submitting it to this or any category. While the submissions personnel will advise you of qualification guides for categories it is your responsibility to ensure you enter your submission in the correct category, any submissions that do not fall within rules will not be judged.

F) For all submissions into any category the model must be available for judging, pictures will not be accepted.

G) Qualifying conditions for Best of Show and Best of Day categories: Must be done at this years convention, and model MUST attend judging.


Category Rules

Best Small Black & Grey 

Black and grey tattoos which are no bigger than A4 size. A slight excess of this size (2 -3 cm) will not be reason for disqualification of the tattoo. Far bigger works will not be looked at, black and grey is strictly limited to black, white and all the opaque greys in-between strictly no colour will be allowed.

Best Small Colour 

This category is for colour tattoos no bigger than A4 size. A slight excess of this size (2 -3 cm) will not be reason for disqualification of the tattoo.

Best Old School / New School 

When choosing the best works in this category, the attention will be paid especially to the technical matters. Of course the idea is also important. Works can be of any size.

Best Apprentice 

Applicants need to be licensed no longer than 3 years and have no previous convention awards.

Best Blackwork 

This category is intended for artists who represent dotwork, art brut, neotribal styles and of course this one is related to traditional ethnic tattoos.

Best Portrait 

Colour or black and grey any size.

Best Large Colour 

Colourful tattoos will be judged here and must be larger than A4

Best Large Black & Grey 

Black and grey tattoos, bigger than A4 size. Black and grey is strictly limited to black, white and all the opaque greys in-between, strictly no colour will be allowed.

Best Female composition 

A category for women. The tattoos will be judged how they fit to a woman’s anatomy, composition and placing. Technical and artistic matters are also important here but the priority is composition, the overall impression and not just a single tattoo.

Best Large Tattoo Piece 

Back piece / Chest piece / Sleeve / Full body suit 

Best of Show

Best of Show will be judged from all previous category winners and any other pieces not entered into any other category subject to compliance with rules of submission.

Best of Show as voted by public

Best of Show as voted by public will only be judged on qualifying entries into the Best of Show category.

Best of Saturday and Best of Sunday (Done on the day and awarded on each day)

Tattoos must be done on the respective days during the convention. It is allowed to do outlines first. It is not allowed to “touch up” old tattoos or finish old existing work.


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